Out of every $40,

$39 goes to the Child Sponsorship Program in Ethiopia

Hope In View’s child sponsorship program is based out of the capital city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in two of the poorest communities in this city.

We practice community-based care of orphans and vulnerable children. Ethiopian social workers and staff make sure every child receives good care. With the help of a host of local volunteers and churches, hands-on administration of the program happens in a variety of settings: on the streets, in homes, in churches, and at our sponsorship office.

With $40 per month, we provide supplemental nutrition, clothing, school fees, health care, spiritual care, social worker assistance, ongoing supervision of the children’s living situations, self-help groups for parents, and more.

The self-help groups provided through your sponsorship give parents or guardians support, parenting training, skills for coping with HIV and other serious challenges, and business training. Through these groups, parents gain much needed support in their community and learn to save their own money to start businesses. They also begin volunteering to improve their communities.


Physical Support

  • Quarterly distribution of supplemental food (grain)
  • Distribution every other month during home visit (rice, pasta, beans)
  • Monthly distribution (cooking oil) and of hygiene products (hair oil, soap, feminine products)
  • Yearly clothing: at least one full outfit (jacket, pants or skirt/dress, shirt, undergarments, socks), and/or sports clothing and 2 pairs of shoes
  • Medical: 1 health check-ups per year, medical expenses as needed, and hospital or home visits during illness or procedures


  • School fees if government school
  • School supplies on a regular basis (notebook, pen, pencil, eraser)
  • School uniforms unless provided by government
  • Payment for tutoring classes at school 
  • Library at the office
  • Rewards for top academic performers
  • Support for college kids or high school graduates looking for jobs or starting businesses (a small allowance for food for students while at college, support with driver’s license fees or items needed for work or a business based on availability of funds in the budget)

Social and Spiritual Support

  • Self-help group for parent or guardian so they can support one another and learn skills in parenting, health and hygiene, and business. They also begin saving together so they can have the capital to start businesses.
  • Regular home visits from a staff member or volunteer to monitor child’s living situation and family status.
  • Access to a social worker to assist with any additional need
  • Sunday school or discipleship classes (on a weekly basis) with learning materials provided, group classes for the older children at the office, and Vacation Bible School program in the summer


  • Christmas celebration and gift
  • Easter celebration
  • Additional gifts for birthdays and correspondence as provided by sponsor
  • Additional programs as provided by visiting teams
  • Visits from sponsor (often as part of a visiting team)