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Hope In View's Mission

is to strengthen the Church, especially in Ethiopia, so that it is empowered to bring about wholistic, sustainable transformation of individuals, churches and communities.

What's New

Expanded Self Help Group Launches

  Can social programs truly become self-sustaining? We are going to find out.   On January 1, we launched a project to help 20 struggling self-help groups in western Ethiopia learn to multiply themselves with their own funding. If we are successful, these 20 groups in four years will have become 100 groups helping some 1500 families and starting new groups among their neighbors—without any further help from us.  In 2013 our child sponsorship program in Addis Ababa began eleven self-help groups for the parents or guardians of our sponsored... [more]

Can Social Enterprises be Self-Sustaining?

"Wholly sustainable social enterprises are a myth." So declared Alastair Wilson, CEO of School of Social Entrepreneurs in London, in a post September 14, 2017. When you work with people with less education in less desirable environments and pay higher costs than your competitors, it is harder to turn a profit. It is very tempting to turn to grant funding to generate the income you need to sustain your impact. Before long you are dependent on grant funding. In the end, the claims of many NGO’s to be producing sustainability prove hollow. Delivering goods and services, therefore,... [more]

From beggar to business owner

Wosene's husband left her when she was 6-months pregnant with their son. He sold their property and took all the money, leaving her and their 4-year-old daughter to live on the street and earn her living by begging. Her son was born on the street. Two years ago, a guard told her to go to our child sponsorship program. An American visitor there convinced her mom to sponsor the little boy, and the staff introduced Wosene to Jesus. In time she got baptized and became a member of the church. She also began to attend the required small group, as all of our sponsored children's parents or guardians... [more]