Hope in View relies on decades of cross-cultural development and leadership experience in churches, non-profits, medical ministries, and educational institutions. We value expertise, transparency, and accountability.


During the COVID crisis in 2020, we have provided:

  • resources on leadership during COVID for Ethiopian leaders 
  • matching grants to Ethiopian organizations enabling them to raise money toward COVID and flood relief
  • food for 8522 needy people through over 200 churches 
  • resources enabling over 100 pastors in devastated communities to stay in ministry
  • oversight for small group ministries where COVID closed churches
  • a growing child sponsorship program serving almost 200 very needy families and making consistent home visits to them during the lockdown
  • oversight for urban and rural self-help groups, which together have accumulated $16,309 in assets 
  • mentoring for leaders in 8 geographically separate movements of churches in several religious contexts. 


To learn more about our impact:

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