Hope In View develops transformative communities, settings in which people can experience spiritual, physical, economic, educational, social, and environmental change.


Hope In View teaches Ethiopian Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, and others principles for strengthening churches and discipling believers. Common to all of these religious traditions is the idea of the kingdom of God. Learning its practical implications and learning how to support one another through small groups has proven to transform individuals, churches, and communities in all of these traditions. Hope In View’s staff have taught in seminaries, Bible schools, pastors’ groups, rural church planters’ associations, and women’s groups. Hope In View also personally mentors leaders responsible for large groups of people and helps them establish coaching relationships throughout their networks.


Believing that the good news of Jesus Christ extends to physical, economic, and environmental issues, Hope In View trains church leaders in principles of economic and community development so that churches can benefit their entire communities. This includes forming self-help savings groups whose members can help one another out of poverty without outside subsidy.


Hope In View sponsors children selected by their communities as being most vulnerable, without taking them out of their communities. This approach is more effective and less costly than orphanage care. Sponsored families receive supplemental nutrition, hygiene products, clothing, school fees and supplies, tutoring, academic awards, health care, spiritual care, care from social workers, ongoing home visits, and celebrations. In addition, parents or guardians participate in self-help groups that give them support, parenting training, skills for coping with HIV and other serious challenges, and business training. Through these groups parents learn to save their own money to start businesses. They also begin volunteering to help their communities.


In the context of increased freedom recently, simmering ethnic conflicts have boiled over into horrific violence in many areas of Ethiopia. A few years ago, Hope In View provided grain to widows on both sides of one such conflict, and then mentored local residents as they successfully worked for reconciliation between their warring tribes. Hope In View is now working in another area for similar reconciliation thanks to longstanding relationships on both sides of the conflict. As part of that, it has provided some relief to people there who have lost breadwinners, homes, and livelihoods. Hope In View strives to catalyze such peace-making efforts wherever possible.