How can I make my monthly donations to support my sponsored child?

Donating to Hope In View Child Sponsorship is easy and can be done in several convenient ways: 

  1. Make a check out to Hope In View Child Sponsorship and mail to our sponsorship office  (PO Box 364, Kouts, IN 46347). If this is your first payment, please use our donation form here and select the “offline donation” option to provide your contact information and opt-in to receive program updates.
  2. Make an online donation through this website: DONATE NOW.  These donations can be set-up as one time or recurring donations.
  3. Issue a check from your bank to be mailed to Hope In View Child Sponsorship, PO Box 364, Kouts, IN 46347.

For sponsorship payments, you may select the frequency that works best for you (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.). Once your donations are received and processed, you will receive an email confirmation with a link that will allow you to access your donation history and receipts. This is valid for online donations as well as offline donations paid via check unless you have opted out of receiving emails. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

How can I stay updated on the child sponsorship program?

Keeping our sponsors informed about the sponsorship program is very important to us.  There are several ways to check in on the happenings of the program.  One is through our regular newsletters sent directly to sponsors via the USPS or email.  Other updates are shared through Facebook at Hope In View Child Sponsorship and this website.  If you have any specific questions, we encourage you to email

Can I write to my sponsored child? Will they write to me?

Yes, you can write to your sponsored child as often as you would like.  In fact, you can also send appropriate gifts as well.  Your child will write to you at least 2 times per year.

If I would like the staff to purchase something additional for my child, how do I do that?

If you would like our staff in Ethiopia to purchase an item for your child, you may send an additional donation to our child sponsorship office in the USA with instructions of how you would like the money to be used and we will get it done for you!  Our goal is to send a picture to the sponsor for every additional special gift provided.

How do I write or send a special gift directly to my sponsored child?

You may send letters via email at Though the team aims to respond within a couple of weeks, please note that it may take longer during particularly busy times for the team (holidays, special events, emergencies, etc).

Letters or non-monetary gifts can be sent directly to Ethiopia at the address listed below. Please note that a member from our staff will translate your letter then deliver to your sponsored child. Do NOT write your child’s name or ID number on the OUTSIDE of the package.  You may include your child’s name and ID number on the INSIDE of the package only. If the child’s name is on the outside of the package, it will not be delivered to our mailbox in Ethiopia.

Community Transformation Ethiopia
PO Box 40270
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Please never send money or checks directly to Ethiopia.  All monetary donations must be sent to our USA address only.

What would be an appropriate gift to send to my sponsored child?

Although not required, we appreciate extra efforts by sponsors to show interest and care to their sponsored child.  Letters and small gifts are a great way to show our sponsored child that you are thinking of him or her.  We ask that you please do NOT send perishables, anything that melts, or anything very expensive.  We hope these suggestions help you to bless your sponsored child!  Please remember that even letters, postcards, and photos of the sponsor are very exciting for the children to receive!

Ideas for boys: sport activities, small cars or airplanes
Ideas for girls: hair ribbons or hair ties, modestly dressed dolls
Ideas for either gender: clothing, socks, art supplies, sport activities (games, balls), books, crank flashlight, school supplies

How much of my donation actually goes to Ethiopia and to my helping my child?

Great question!  Of the $40 monthly donation, $1 is retained in the USA to help cover expenses associated with running the program including sponsor newsletters, receipts, office supplies, and wire transfer fees.  The remaining $39 is sent to Ethiopia to cover the expenses associated with supporting your sponsored child.  This includes school fees, material assistance, medical assistance, spiritual programs, and the child sponsorship office.

We strive to keep overhead costs at a minimum to maximize the impact of your donation!  Hope In View staff and volunteers help coordinate all aspects of the program in the USA. Sponsorship donations do not pay for any salaries in the USA needed to help run this program.  On site, we have a staff of 10 Ethiopians whom we help to support as they take on the responsibility of caring for these children and families.  Their work is extended through many volunteers who donate large amounts of time to help care for the children.