Another Chance to Double Your Impact

Nov 30, 2020


“We had decided to separate, my wife and kids going to her parents where they could eat, even though that would shame me in their eyes. Just as we ate the last food in the house, my overseer called to say he was bringing us enough flour, cooking oil, and spaghetti to last a month. It was a miracle!”  

As our colleagues gave out the food purchased by your contributions last spring, we heard many just-in-time stories like this. Your donations provided:

  • food to over 8000 individuals, 
  • means to stay in ministry for over 100 pastors who had lost their income, and 
  • help for dozens of churches forced by COVID into small groups.  


However, Ethiopia’s crises have intensified (see last post).  Hope In View is not normally a relief organization. Nonetheless, when people with whom we’ve worked personally for over a decade are suddenly starving or without shelter, we cannot just sit by.  

All one-time gifts and a year’s worth of any new monthly donations set up through our website count toward the match, though child sponsorship donations do not.

All funds will go to:

  • Matching grants to help Ethiopians raise funds within Ethiopia for those whose livelihoods have been destroyed by all these crises. These increase generosity, not dependency.
  • Mentors for Self-help savings groups. These groups have proven to help members grow spiritually, socially, and economically without handouts. Multiplying these groups will help people get beyond these crises.
  • Disciple-making small groups in churches. When COVID forced churches to close, those without small groups lost up to 80% of their congregations. Now many more churches are more open to this idea than ever before. We don’t know how long this openness will last
  • Followers of Jesus who live in hostile communities yet are sharing the Good News, bringing peace and transformation to their extended families and neighborhoods.

Generous donors have once again promised to match up to $25,000 in donations to Hope In View’s general fund from now through December 31, 2020. Your gift will change lives and entire communities. You can double your impact by donating today!

Please join us in helping our Ethiopian brothers and sisters walk through these crises into something much better!