Tinbit is 5 years old. She lives with her father, mother, brother, and two sisters. Tinbit enjoys playing with toys.

Tinbit’s father works as a day laborer, but he is not able to work during hot weather. He, as well as Tinbit’s mother and sister, have health problems. The family currently lives in a house that Tinbit’s uncle lets them stay in, and the local church helps with their daily meals. The sponsorship program will support this family in many ways, such as providing additional food, medical assistance, school support, and a self-help group for Tinbit’s parents to help the family become financially stable.

Tinbit’s sister, Dibora, is also on the sponsorship waiting list. Due to the family’s financial and health difficulties, the team has requested to include both girls in the program. If you know someone who would like to sponsor her sister, please reach out to us at sponsorship@hopeinview.org .

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