Perhaps you would like to sponsor a child, but cannot commit to a full sponsorship at this time. By contributing an amount of your choice, you can help one of our teenagers below that are not currently supported by a sponsor. Your donation will go toward their $40/month sponsorship allowing them to go to college and continue receiving sponsorship benefits and support during their studies.

In Ethiopia, teenagers may graduate from high school later than in the US, having missed school due to conflict, sickness, looking for food, or because of school closings during COVID. In our community, those who graduate high school have little chance of getting a job without a driver’s license, which at $300 is unaffordable for our families (for whom that may nearly be a year’s salary), or some college. For that reason, we include driver’s licenses, trade school, or the first college diploma as part of sponsorship, as we want our children to be able to provide for themselves when they leave the program.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or at 240-217-5809.