This last quarter, the team in Ethiopia increased their distributions of grain, oil, and soap as families are struggling due to the steep rise in prices (food inflation has increased steadily over the last few years and rose by 42.4% during the first five months of 2022). The team completed 180 home visits and visited about 30 sick parents and kids, providing additional food and medication. Many of our families have also welcomed relatives fleeing conflict and famine in other areas which has led to more difficult living conditions. When possible, the staff is helping families or teenagers find or improve housing to keep them safe and protected from the weather, especially during the rainy season (June to September).

The team also gave school supplies, rewards for top performers, and a small allowance to students who attend college away from home, while preparing others to start businesses or obtain driving licenses. They met with 12 self-help groups bi-weekly to teach parents finance, business, and parenting skills. They also held a special celebration at a church in addition to weekly classes for the 5-10 and 14-19 age groups at the office and our director’s home. The younger kids and 10-15 age group have classes at a church on Saturdays. 

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These activities and more are only possible because of the dedication of the excellent staff and volunteers in Ethiopia and your generosity!