Matching grant

Matching Grant

A generous donor has offered up to $20,000 to match certain donations received by May 22. In just a few weeks, people with whom we have shared our lives for many years will likely be suffering from COVID-19 and/or from hunger. Ethiopia does not have the safety nets that we have in the USA.

Though we can’t “fix” all of Ethiopia, we must do what we can for sisters and brothers who have worked shoulder to shoulder with us—and for the movements they serve.

Here are the donations that will be matched:

·         Donations from new donors

·         Donations from returning donors—people who have given in the past but not within the last 12 months

·         Donations from new recurring donors—donors who pledge to give a monthly amount.

·         Donations from current donors above their previous annual giving.

We will not just “dump” money, but we want to be ready to respond to well-thought-out proposals to meet specific immediate needs within these movements.

Hope In View is prepared to empty its bank account to meet these needs, except for what it needs to continue to exist. If you have received a stimulus check part of which you could share or if God has blessed you in other ways, would you join with us? On the other hand, if you have lost your job or have gotten sick with the virus, our hearts go out to you. Let us know how we can pray for you.

Whatever your circumstances, please join us in praying that God will be glorified by all of our responses to this crisis. He has been known to turn evil on its head and bring good out of the worst situations. (Remember Easter?) May that be true in 2020 also!

Please note: A monthly pledge would count toward the match if you set it up before May 15. If you wish to give by credit or debit card, you can set it up through If you plan to send a check monthly, just drop us an email making that pledge official before May 15.

Thanks much!

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