In addition to our regular distributions, home visits, Sunday school classes, and self-help groups, the staff and six volunteer teachers ran VBS for six weeks this summer. Each age group was assigned one or two days a week for teaching, singing, prayer, games, and refreshments. The younger kids used study guides and the teenagers had topical teachings and discussions around the issues of identity, work ethics, values, friendships, and relationships. As a rare treat, some of the groups were allowed supervised computer time at the office. One of the older kids, Bereket, is a painter and taught the children how to draw. Ten of the kids continue to take classes with him.

At the end of the summer, the team took several age groups on multi-day retreats where the kids enjoyed swimming, visiting a nature park, playing soccer and games, eating good food, and listening to different speakers teach about faithfulness, love, education, and personal development. At the start of school, the children also received sport clothes including shoes, and payment for school fees and bags as needed.

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These activities and more are only made possible because of the dedication of our sponsors and our staff and volunteers in Ethiopia. Thank you!