Matching grant

Matching Grant

A generous donor has offered to match certain donations received by May 22. In just a few weeks, people with whom we have shared our lives for many years will likely be suffering from COVID-19 and/or from hunger. Ethiopia does not have the safety nets that we have in the USA. Continue reading Matching Grant

Baptism 2019

Dunk, Disciple, Document

Twelve powerful witch doctors used to control the entire area. Christians who visited could not sleep and felt physical pain that would not go away until they were on their way home. So they just prayed—and kept coming back. Little by little, all twelve witch doctors died, moved away, or lost their power. Continue reading Dunk, Disciple, Document

Business selling coffee

From Beggar to Business Owner

Wosene’s husband left her when she was 6-months pregnant with their son. He sold their property and took all the money, leaving her and their 4-year-old daughter to live on the street and earn her living by begging. Her son was born on the street. Two years ago, a guard told her to go to our child sponsorship program. Continue reading From Beggar to Business Owner