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Hope In View's Mission

is to strengthen the Church, especially in Ethiopia, so that it is empowered to bring about wholistic, sustainable transformation of individuals, churches and communities.

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From beggar to business owner

Wosene's husband left her when she was 6-months pregnant with their son. He sold their property and took all the money, leaving her and their 4-year-old daughter to live on the street and earn her living by begging. Her son was born on the street. Two years ago, a guard told her to go to our child sponsorship program. An American visitor there convinced her mom to sponsor the little boy, and the staff introduced Wosene to Jesus. In time she got baptized and became a member of the church. She also began to attend the required small group, as all of our sponsored children's parents or guardians... [more]

Helping helpers of very young children

For years Carol White has taught young children using the Montessori educational method. Hearing that in Ethiopia few think about educating children until they are 6, she volunteered to come to Ethiopia to teach teachers, child sponsorship workers, and moms how to give their younger children a head start. Over 2 weeks, Carol taught three groups of children’s workers. Almost everyone who attended was an experienced teacher, yet what Carol demonstrated from the Montessori way of teaching little ones was completely new to them. She went through what children are ready to learn in their... [more]

Landslide kills at least 115 in our neighborhood

Last Saturday night the mountains of rubbish in the dump near our child sponsorship program suddenly gave way in an avalanche that buried 49 homes. At last count, 115 people have been confirmed dead, but many are still missing and rescue workers continue to dig through the rubbish. No one knows what caused the landslide at the only garbage dump in a city of 3.6 million, though many suspect that simply too much rubbish was being brought there. Aljazeera’s report of the tragedy is here and an updated Reuters report here. Two of the children in a nearby Compassion child sponsorship... [more]